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Friday, December 20, 2013

Do You Write for Bubblews

Do you write for the site Bubblews? I started in February 8, 2013 and was slightly impressed in the beginning. It took me 7 weeks to reach the first $25.00 payout but others were saying how much they were making so I kept plugging away.

A couple of months into joining Bubblews there was a major uproar with many writers as they claimed they had not been paid. They were writing posts expressing their dislike and Bubblews team would remove them. At first, I thought they must be doing something wrong and maybe it is just a misunderstanding.

In August, I made enough to be paid the 8th redemption point of $25.00. I hit the green button; however, I have never seen this payment. September 1st, the admin Arvind, finally wrote back and said they would take care of the problem that there had been a glitch in the upgrade of the site. Well now, it is December 20th and still no money and it seems no one cares. Still many writers claiming they are not seeing missing payments. Thank goodness for me it is just the one.

Even more writers are expressing their unhappiness with lack of payment and or communication. I have attempted multiple times to communicate with the support team and Arvind about different issues and never get answers. 

This last frustration is that ¼ of my posts have been flagged as inappropriate; which any Tom, Dick or Harry can do. It is a simple click of a link. Some writers feel it is fun to flag others posts. There is a dislike button; the reader could hit it if they did not like the post, but some choose to flag it. 

On Monday, I again contacted Bubblews Support and the founder Arvind. Arvind responded saying he had read my emails but had been busy. I took my time to research every title and copied down the URL’s and on Wednesday with another detailed letter asked why were they flagged and what will be done about it? Since I have been told my earnings depend on my posts not being flagged, it is a very important question.

If you write for Bubblews are you satisfied? Have you had any issues of your own and have they been resolved?

My last post on Bubblews: Tis the Season to be Jolly

Friday, December 6, 2013

It is Christmas Time: Baking Time

Apple Cinnamon Pull-Apart Challah

Well it is baking time once again for the Christmas get-togethers. As usual, I will make the old familiar cookies; however, this year I will try Almond Joy Cookies, as a couple of us do like coconut.

I have added Herb Bread and Herb Wheat bread to our diets lately, even my oldest grandson likes the Herb Bread, it will be on the menu.

This year I am trying something new to me in every sense of the word. I had never heard of Challah, however, while watching The Chew, I saw Challywood Jewish Bakery make an Apple Cinnamon Pull-Apart Challah and knew I had to try it.

It was my first attempt of mimicking their Challah, therefore, next time I need to adapt my recipe to have more apples, cinnamon and sugar. But all-in-all I thought it was delicious.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Homemade Mashed Potato Doughnuts

Nothing beats eating mom's mashed potato doughnuts on a cold winters day. In Northern Indiana the extra warmth from baking is welcomed in the kitchen.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Gluten-Free Banana Banana Bread Copy Cat of Bob Evan’s

Bob Evans Restaurant is known for their good family food and specialty breads such as banana, cherry and blueberry. However if you need Gluten-Free breads you have to good recipes and make them better. Next time you dine out, eat at Bob Evans and enjoy the Banana Bread. In the meantime if you need Gluten-free Banana Bread make your own.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Homemade Chili Recipe: Just Like Moms

Chili or chili con carne, which ever you prefer to call your soup, is a soup that eaten any time of the year and enjoyed. Chili is good in the winter season to bring you warmth and the more chili powder you put it in the warmer you will feel.
Although have you ever eaten chili made over a campfire? It gives a smoky good flavor you do not get making it in your kitchen Chili is also a soup that is lean in calories and high in vitamins. When made with fresh vegetables from the garden and lean ground turkey burger you are giving your soup that healthy feel.

Ingredients to make Homemade Chili Recipe:

• 1 lb of lean ground turkey burger
• 1 large onion, chopped
• 1 green pepper, chopped
• Skillet
• Stockpot and large spoon
• 2 or 3 quarts tomato juice, fresh, canned or frozen
• 3-15 oz cans chili beans
• Garlic and onion powder
• Chili and cumin powder
• 1 tsp stevia
• 2 small handfuls of macaroni, optional
• Salt and pepper, to taste

When it comes to the spices, salt and pepper it is hard to tell you how much to use, what one person prefers another will not. Start with a tsp cumin, tbsp each garlic, onion and chili powder. Taste and if needed, add more.

Instructions to make Homemade Chili Recipe:

1. Brown the ground turkey, onion and green pepper on a low heat until all the meat is cooked.
2. Using a large stockpot add the tomato juice, chili beans, spices and stevia. Reminder, if you are using spicy chili beans you will need less chili powder.
3. Combine to the juice, the meat mixture, and turn the heat on the lowest setting, cook slowly and on low will allow all your tastes to simmer together. You cannot over cook chili just remember to stir occasionally to avoid scorching it.
4. Add two handfuls of macaroni. I know what you are thinking, macaroni is chili? Yes macaroni, that is how mom did it, and that is how we do it. Stir the macaroni in and cook until the macaroni is soft, approximately 10-15 minutes. Stir often as the macaroni will clump together and try to stick to the bottom of the pot.


• Shell pasta in the place of plain macaroni makes the chili recipe fun for the children.
• Make a large pot of chili and freeze some for a quick meal.
• Thicker chili makes good cornbread and chili topped with cheese


Sunday, October 6, 2013

Gluten-Free Sausage Bread Roll With Cheese

Gluten-Free sausage bread roll with cheese is a great recipe and a great way to control the gluten that you get in your diet. For many with Celiac Disease or gluten intolerance this is very important. Try making gluten-free sausage bread roll with cheese.The first thing you will need to do is either find gluten-free bread dough or make your own. Making your own gluten-free bread dough is more work, however, you will be ensured to avoid the gluten.

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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Homemade Turkey Vegetable Soup Recipe

After baking the big turkey for the holiday meal, chances are you will have leftovers to use. Turkey and cheese sandwiches are good, and using some with burritos would be OK, however, turkey and vegetable soup is a favorite, especially in the cooler months. Our turkey and vegetable soup tends to look more like stew, as we like it chunky. 

According to Harvard Health Publication, “If you are looking for a lean cut of meat, turkey is hard to beat. A 3-ounce serving of skinless white meat contains 25 grams of fat, and less than 1 gram of saturated fat. Compared to prime rib, turkey has a lot less fat and fewer calories, too. However, dark meat has more saturated fat than white meat, and eating the skin adds a hefty serving of bad fats. Turkey is also a good source of arginine—an amino acid the body uses to make new protein and nitric oxide, the substance that relaxes and opens arteries.”
Using turkey breast and add in the health benefits of fresh vegetables and you have got a power packed Turkey Vegetable soup.

Ingredients for Turkey Vegetable Soup: 
• 5 medium sized potatoes, cubed
• 2 onions, diced
• 1 green pepper, diced
• 2 tomatoes, diced
• 2 cloves of garlic, pressed
• ¼ small head of purple cabbage
• 1 zucchini, chunked or diced
• Peas; canned, fresh or frozen
• Carrots; canned, fresh or frozen
• 1 stalk of celery, diced
• 2 cans of corn or 1 bag of frozen corn
• Turkey; the amount you use is up to you
• Salt and pepper to taste
• Basil, oregano and thyme, optional
• Stockpot

Instructions on making Turkey Vegetable Soup:

1. Using a big stockpot fill approximately, ½ full with water. Turn the burner on high to get the water hot quickly.
2. Using turkey breast, chop or shred, add it to the water so the flavor of your turkey starts coming out. If you are using herbs, add them now.
3. Chop the potatoes, onions, green peppers, tomatoes, cabbage, zucchini, carrots and celery. Garden fresh vegetables are great; however, they are not always in season. If you have garden vegetables you have processed; frozen or canned, use them. Other wise purchase fresh vegetables from your supermarket. If I have suggested vegetables you cannot purchase, or do not like, that is  OK use vegetables you prefer.
4. Start adding the harder vegetables, such as carrots, potatoes and onions first as they will require a longer cooking time. Reduce the heat and add the canned or other vegetables to the broth, let it simmer until carrots and potatoes are soft.
5. Do not be in a hurry while making turkey vegetable soup, the longer it simmers and cooks the better it will taste.

Tip: Making a large quantity of soup and freezing in small batches is a great way to have a quick but healthy meal. 

Trash Can Turkey Recipe 

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Make Salsa From Fresh Tomatoes

Fresh Organic Tomatoes
Salsa made from vine ripe tomatoes from you organic garden is the only way to go. Tomatoes taste great just slicing and eating them fresh but nacho chips and salsa is especially good with tomatoes fresh from your organic garden. Let me share with you this really easy recipe for salsa.

Yummy salsa

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Only My Granddaughter

I read my daughters post of Facebook this morning and laughed so hard and out loud. I could picture my granddaughter doing just as she described. I could also imagine my daughters face when she did it. It sounds funny reading it, however, I'm sure Jasmine was totally embarrassed.
 "(Ok, so let me start off by prefacing my actual post with this: Zeely has personal space issues that we've been working on and tends to get too close to a person's face when being silly and animated.)

Preschool teachers down here in Kentucky do a home visit before school starts to meet the kids in their own comfortable environment. Great idea, right? Today was our day, and Zeely was so excited that she
1. couldn't relax long enough to take her usual afternoon nap so was even more worked up than normal by 6 p.m., and
2. apparently felt comfortable enough to jump up on her teacher's lap and, wait for it, accidentally licked her face!

Yep, she sure started off her school career with a bang! Definitely writing this one down in the memory book"
Let's Go!
The Kentucky school system won't know what hit them until my smart, yet very ornery and active Zeely Jade makes her entrance.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

38 Years Together

38 years together and nearly sane ^+^  In those 38 years we have had ups and downs like many couples,  however, it has been worth it to grow old together. We also have many proud moments such as; the birth of our son, Ian (long I); the birth our daughter Jasmine, and the births of our 4 biological grandchildren.

I was at the hospital for the birth of our first grandson and our granddaughter Zeely Jade. I got to see Zian moments after birth, as he was a C-section; however, I was in the birthing suite when Miss Z made her appearance into this world. 

 When it came to grandson number 2, Ryder, I was with Zian at home, as he had bronchitis and had to stay away from his new little brother for 3 days. When it came to son number 3, Parker, Ryder and I were in the waiting room waiting the news of his arrival and Zian came as soon as he could then had to go back to school.

 Today our anniversary celebration, of our 38 years together, we went to Logan's and then Pet smart and took the evening off of all garden work to watch the Chicago Cubs on TV. 

Life is not always easy, however, country life is good. I love my family with all my heart.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

July 4th at the Cottage

 Well I actually came up to the cottage July 3 and I am staying until Monday am when I go straight to the gym to exercise. It has been a great break. 

 I had plenty of good juicy watermelon.

I've seen birds, turtles; small and ex-large, old friends, family 


and of course fireworks from all the neighbors and the ones the lake association shot off over the lake.

And homegrown green beans and tators that my husband picked, cleaned, cooked and delivered to me at the cottage.

Oh. I did do a little work on Bubblews and RedGage, since I  have the luxury of using someone elses high speed WI-FI. Life at Dewart Lake can be so good.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Sorry It's Been So Long

I am sorry it's been so long in-between posts, on top of the usual dial-up connections issues I've had a set back with my vision. Apparently the first weekend in June I suffered an eye stroke, no clue a person could even do this, however, I am one of the unlucky ones.

You can read one of my adventures on Bubblews called Reduce the Stress in Your Life or
Eye Had a Very Frustrating Day or How Do You Handle Misunderstandings

However, I will not let it rest there. I know I serve the God of healing and praying for full recovery. The doctors may say there is nothing they can do, but my God is mighty and nothing is impossible for him.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Strange Memorial Day Weekend

While the weather went from 90 degrees the Wednesday before Memorial Day, all the way down to 39 degrees for the low, we also went from dry dry dry land to rain and more rain. Even on this Tuesday the weather a tad warmer however, the sky is dark and eerie.
I wanted to set outside and soak up some sun while reading, working, writing and relaxing. However, I did get weeds pulled and a tad bit read and some writing done it has been a hit and miss on the sunshine. 
Eagle setting in the tree.
One great thing has been the activity of the birds. The weather doesn't stop them,however, it does bring them out at different times. The swallow has loved the rain as it drives the bugs out and it can swoop down and get them.
I also have noticed the little birds picking on the big birds. The red-winged blackbird was showing the Blue Heron who was boss and a little one I could not see was on the Eagles tail.
Eagle with little bird chasing him
Blue Heron being chased!


I tried to keep count of all the different birds I spotted at I believe I am at 16 although there might  be a couple more I know has been here in the past but not sure if I saw them this weekend. I did not get pictures of all the different birds however, I tried my best.

Not sure if this is immature eagle.

Angry Bird! ^+^
I  love my Nikon Camera.


Sunday, May 26, 2013

How is your Mood on this Last Sunday in May?

My question to all Bubblews writers and RedGage people; how is your mood on this last Sunday in May? I am setting here, at the summer cottage, alone as predicted and at times, the silence of the solitude can be deafening.
The weather forecast is one that could be very discouraging, however, at this moment in time the sky is blue with shattered clouds The rain and thunderstorms are to move in later tonight so for Memorial Day Monday, with all the celebrations around could be dampened.

For me, however, while I should be getting articles written, reading done and pictures posted to RedGage my mood is a blue as the still sky.  

I see families on boats, I see fishermen with their poles in the water just reeling in fish after fish. I am reading post after post on Facebook where grandmothers are enjoying the company of not only their children but also their grandchildren. You can read in Proverbs, the very wise chapter in the Bible many things about families. Here is a great verse; Proverbs 17:6; NIV, “Children’s children are a crown to the aged, and parents are the pride of their children.”

While I am aware this is satans attack to defeat, I simply refuse to stay in this frame of mind. Our God is mighty to save and he will never leave me; therefore, I need to stop dwelling on what cannot be, and focus on the beauty around me.

Happy May 26, 2013

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Field Trip to Notre Dame University

 Attending the field trip to Notre Dame University with my grandson. Going with him year after year has been a treat for me as much as it if for  him.
 This year he is in the 5th grade and there trip was to visit Notre Dame and the famous golden dome.
 After much of the tour with Allie, we were told once you are a student at Notre Dame, it is a superstition, if you go down the main stairs leading to the main building or the golden dome, you will not graduate. Therefore, we went down the steps and she went the alternate route. It was a great view and made a good photo opt.
 This is the library wall and the painting is called Touchdown Jesus. Why? I have no clue.
 Here the grandson stands by the football/Lou Holtz statue.
 My grandson loved this picture and wanted to act as if he was holding it up. I simply wanted him to stand by the picture, he jumped underneath.
 This is the grotto, many catholic children were in the group and knew exactly what to do. It was a new experience for my grandson. According to ND website, "The Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes is one-seventh the size of the famed French shrine where the Virgin Mary appeared to Saint Bernadette on 18 occasions in 1858. Visiting the site on one of his many trips to his native country, Notre Dame founder Father Edward Sorin vowed to reproduce it on the campus of his new university. A gift from Rev. Thomas Carroll, a former theology student, made it possible in 1896. Boulders from surrounding farms, most weighing two tons or more, were used in its construction."
 The children did not think they would be able to see the stadium as it was not on the tour. Our little group was lucky, in the sense, that Allie had the key to the gate as she worked with the team. I'm sure they told the other groups when they got back to the school. It was cool to watch them look around.
 My grandson outside the stadium beside the Knute Rockne statue. This was the last thing they did before heading back to the bus.
My personal favorite. The field was being watered, at first they attempted to stay out of the water. Here, my grandson, is escaping the stream. Well, after seeing another jump into the stream, he got a tad wet too. It was  a beautiful 78 degrees May 6th so he dried quickly.
Again, I loved the chance to go on the field trip and as long as I am available I will always go and be with my kids.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Spring has Sprung at Dewart Lake

Spring has finally arrived at Dewart Lake, today it is 66 degrees and most sunny. The sky is blue with white clouds scattered about. This morning I spent the time in the cottage doing some spring-cleaning; might I say yuck, however it needs it and if I do a little each time up it’s not as hard to do. The harder part will be later this summer when scraping of old paint and touch up painting is done.

About 2 o’clock, I said enough is enough and decided to come out and enjoy the sun. I did trim the grass a bit, in case the neighbors decide to mow. About 45 minutes to an hour later, I decided I was glad I had a pair of shorts. It was no nice to feel the sun on the skin again.
The lake is alive with boats, fishermen, kayakers and I do not know what the other things were. They were like wave runner or skidoo; however, they were standing up.

The birds are active too. I have seen red winged black birds, male and female, blue heron, bald eagle, geese, ducks, swans, nuthatch, blue jay and some little bird that is unfamiliar to me. 

At first, I thought it was a baby duck, however, no parents around so that was unlikely. Getting a good look at them is challenging too as soon as you try to focus, they submerge and swim under water and pop up where they are not expected.
Of course, as I am writing I still have my camera near by in hopes to get even a better picture of the Bald Eagle. Although, I think it will be touch beating the photograph of him/her capturing a fish for lunch. If you have not seen that great capture, you can see it on RedGage or Bubblews.

In the mean time I am enjoying this beautiful day filled with sunshine, how about you?