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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Trash Can Turkey: Moist and Delicious

I had never heard of trash can turkey until 2012 when our son-n-law and daughter heard about it  and then made it for us as the Thanksgiving Day main dish. Oh my it was moist and delicious. I have had it since then, once in the summer months, turkey does not have to be saved just for Thanksgiving. If you like grilling out, you need to try trash can turkey.
 Supplies to make a Trash Can Turkey:

o 1 Roll of heavy aluminum foil
o A shovel
o 1 foil covered 2-inch x 2-inch wood post, rebar rod or doll rod
o Bricks; optional
o 1 Big bag of your favorite charcoal
o 1 Turkey; big enough for your family event
o 1 New and never used metal trash can
o Wheelbarrow or bucket for ashes
o 1 Pair of Heavy Gloves

Instructions to make Trash Can Turkey:

  1. Even though you are using a new trash can, you never know who has been handling it, use hot water and rinse it out. However, just washing the can is not enough. You have to burn it out several times to get all the galvanized chemicals out so they don't cook into bird!
  2.  Bury the post, whichever you choose to use, about 6-inches deep in the ground. Then cover it with foil then cover the ground for about 2-3 feet around your post with foil. 
  3. Our son-n-law then added 2 foil-covered bricks beside the post for the turkey to rest on. As an added bonus, he made a ring of bricks to go around the trash can and for the coals to rest in.
    Using another large patch of foil start some charcoal burning down to use to bake the trash can turkey.
  4. After the coal have started burning good, place your turkey on the post legs down 
  5. Place the trash can down over the turkey, making sure to center the trash can over the turkey.
  6.  Shovel the burning coals around the outside of the trash can, pile the hot coals around the entire base and up approximately 1-2 inches over the lip of the can. ***This is where the bricks come in handy; they help keep the coals piled up where needed.
  7.   Cover the bottom of the trash can with hot coals. Now just set back and let the turkey bake.
  8. Using the heavy gloves grab and lift the trash can. The can will be extremely hot, PLEASE be careful. 
  9. Carefully remove the baked turkey with a large fork or other of heavy utensils, serve up and enjoy.
Serving up the Trash Can Turkey
I teased our daughter that she was serving us trashy turkey, however, this turkey was not trashy, this trash can turkey was moist and delicious. Trash can turkey would be great for a super bowl party treat.


  1. Now that is different. This the first that I have heard of this. Sounds good.

    1. I have had them made for me a couple of times and they have been delicious. I have yet to try it for myself.