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I love the Lord and my big crazy family. My husband and I have been together for 38 years. I am a mother of two grown children and a grandmother to four biological grandchildren and six others. I write online articles for Bubblews and Seekyt. I have have on TopicSpotter,Triond and Bukisa. You may still find some of my articles on Ehow/Demand Studio.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Oh What a Beautiful Day

OK she is naked :)
Setting outside in KY at my daughter's home it is such a beautiful day. It is 77 degrees, sunshine and a wonderful breeze. My 5 1/2-year old granddaughter was splashing in her pool grandpa allowed me to buy, lawn and garden work is being done by my son-n-law and tonight he will cook a trash can turkey. Yum yum. 

I drove down Wednesday morning for the preschool graduation and here it is Saturday afternoon already and I will head home tomorrow morning. 
Our snail finding walk.

I do not appreciate the long drive but it has been so worth it. I love family time and there simply has not been enough of it.

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Friday, April 25, 2014

Extremely Sorry about Being Inactive

I am so extremely sorry about being inactive as of late; the whole month of March I was down with shingles. 
Also, between working on a poor functioning Bubblews and RedGage, I have also visited the summer cottage at Dewart Lake to get it open for the season.

Worst of all, is attempting to work with dial-up no matter where I am. 

Even working on this blog is a challenge as half the time I attempt to load a photograph is a bust. I guess in essence working online has just lost my love and attention.


Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Sorry I have been Busy on Bubblews

Sorry it has been so long since I have written anything. My incentive kind of crumbled when I was not actually making money through Amazon. 

I have not posted anything on Seekyt either so I didn't need a backlink. In essence I just got lazy this winter.

This winter has been frigid cold and causing me to become dormant. In my dormant state I post articles on Bubblews and upload photographs to RedGage where I attempt to make some money. With Bubblews it is a slow process, however, I am earning, with RedGage not so much, but I do love taking photographs so it gives me an outlet to use them.


If you sign onto Bubblews let me know you found me through this blog post.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Kraft Velveeta Cheese Shortage

An Amish family headed to the same store we are headed to.

Do you like Kraft’s Velveeta cheese? Are you concerned about the so-called shortage? I like it but personally have not purchased it in a long time. We tend to purchase Co-Jack, Muenster, Colby, Mozzarella cheeses at the local Amish stores.

On occasion, we will splurge and buy Cheddar, smoked cheddar/Swiss and even baby Swiss cheese. If you are like us, you will not have to worry about the Kraft Velveeta shortage; simply try The Chew’s Mock VelveetaCheese Recipe.

To view the recipe simply pop on over to Bubblews.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Do You Write for Bubblews

Do you write for the site Bubblews? I started in February 8, 2013 and was slightly impressed in the beginning. It took me 7 weeks to reach the first $25.00 payout but others were saying how much they were making so I kept plugging away.

A couple of months into joining Bubblews there was a major uproar with many writers as they claimed they had not been paid. They were writing posts expressing their dislike and Bubblews team would remove them. At first, I thought they must be doing something wrong and maybe it is just a misunderstanding.

In August, I made enough to be paid the 8th redemption point of $25.00. I hit the green button; however, I have never seen this payment. September 1st, the admin Arvind, finally wrote back and said they would take care of the problem that there had been a glitch in the upgrade of the site. Well now, it is December 20th and still no money and it seems no one cares. Still many writers claiming they are not seeing missing payments. Thank goodness for me it is just the one.

Even more writers are expressing their unhappiness with lack of payment and or communication. I have attempted multiple times to communicate with the support team and Arvind about different issues and never get answers. 

This last frustration is that ¼ of my posts have been flagged as inappropriate; which any Tom, Dick or Harry can do. It is a simple click of a link. Some writers feel it is fun to flag others posts. There is a dislike button; the reader could hit it if they did not like the post, but some choose to flag it. 

On Monday, I again contacted Bubblews Support and the founder Arvind. Arvind responded saying he had read my emails but had been busy. I took my time to research every title and copied down the URL’s and on Wednesday with another detailed letter asked why were they flagged and what will be done about it? Since I have been told my earnings depend on my posts not being flagged, it is a very important question.

If you write for Bubblews are you satisfied? Have you had any issues of your own and have they been resolved?

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