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Friday, November 20, 2015

Sad Goodbye to Bubblews

It is a sad goodbye to Bubblews. I joined in February 2013. It was a rocky road to say the least with building and making new friends and connections. 

The spammers and scammers made it nearly impossible at first causing the team to make changes in which I lost my profile for nearly 4 months. When the new and improved version came out in July 2014 everyone rejoiced thinking all is well.

Well for some that meant writing their hearts out just to be cheated out of their income by December. I however not being the real money making individual received full payment for the redemption in December 31, 2014 although it took months to do it.

Once again, Arvind Dixit promised greater changes for 2015 trying to keep everyone hopeful. Well that great change never happened. I worked 11 1/2 months only to have banked $7.17, which I am cheated out of due to the closing of the site. When I logged on November 18th this is what I saw.

After being up and running for almost 3 years now we regrettably need to inform you that we will be shutting Bubblews.com down. The climate for display advertising has drastically changed and made it impossible for us to sustain the business model and operations.
We want to thank everyone that was a part of this journey. We wish you all the very best.

I guess I am not surprised as in the spring Arvind Dixit launched a new site and really abandoned Bubblews making everyone question where is the Bubblews Support team. I was ripped off of $25.00 when the change was made in August 2013. Arvind personally told me that was simply a glitch and I would receive it. Well as of the closing of Bubblews I am still owed that $25.00 and the $7.17 that was in my bank the last time I was able to log on and check it. I found this petition online and question if I should file against them. I saved the picture of the back payment for a long time, however, as of late had given up and deleted it.

I guess for any future writers, if you see this name as the CEO you may want to think twice before joining. Arvind closed the site without warning and taking many writers posts with them. In reality add Bubblews, to yet another failed attempt at earning money online leaving me with many broken backlinks.

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  1. I guess that the days of writing for profit sites have come and gone. It was fun while it lasted, although I didn't share much of the profit. But
    it has been good writing experience and I have met a lot of writers from all over the world. I have a balance left at 6 or 7 sites too, I hope I can get the $85 I have at Google Adsense, but I probably won't. Anyway, take care. Godspeed!