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Saturday, November 7, 2015

Tan Safely-UVB Ray for Vitamin D3

Tanning is popular in the summer at the beach or pools and in the cooler fall and winter months in tanning beds. However, are you tanning safely while getting your golden tan?
Dr Oz and Dr. Mercola differ in their opinions about tanning and vitamin D 3, however, they both agree in taking care of your bodies and or yourself and doing it safely.
According to DoctorOz.com, “Dr. Mercola proposes that people use a “safe” tanning bed that uses electronic ballasts versus magnet ballasts, and one that relies on UVB rays (which convert cholesterol in your blood to vitamin D) instead of UVA rays. If you pursue this method, Dr. Mercola recommends you ask the manufacturer or owner of the salon for a bed with at least 5% UVB radiation or better yet, 10%.”

Locate a Tanning Salon

Find a reputable tanning salon. You can do this by asking family and friends what they know and what they’ve heard. Find out why they like it and why they don’t.

Ask Questions

After taking friend’s suggestions call and talk to the owners of the salons using Dr. Oz and Dr.Mercola’s suggestions of UV rays. Tanning beds produce UVB and UVA rays. Our body’s need UVB rays to produce vitamin D3 we need. We get D3 from the sun however; the northern states either have cloudy skies, cooler temperatures and lack of sun forcing us to use tanning beds. If you are interested in tanning for color, UVA rays help to tan and a little vitamin D. If you are going for health and color, the UVB rays are good for Vitamin D3 production.
If you are new to tanning beds other questions to ask are how old are the bulbs? Do you clean and sanitize the beds? How long should I stay in the tanning bed? Do I need special tanning lotions? Do I need protective eyewear? Don’t assume they will offer this information; ask!

 Go Prepared

You have done your homework and selected your tanning salon. When you start tanning, make sure you have tanning lotions that meet the requirements of the salon, there are lotions that can damage the acrylic.
Have proper eye protection. The lamps can damage your eyes and a tan is not a good reason to be stupid.
The salon worker will set the time on the bed and they will ask you how long you want to be in the bed, therefore be smart and start slow. The idea is to tan not burn. Dr Oz suggests a good UVB ray for 3-5 minutes. He says go for the Vitamin D3 and not the tan.


  • Summer months bring sunbathers; use lotions or sun block, limit prime sun hours, cloudy days will still burn your skin, wear sunglasses or eye protection and ask your Doctor about any medication you are taking.

Even if you owe your own tanning bed, practice safe tanning.

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