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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Raising a New Puppy: His Name is Po

We were not really looking to get a new puppy, especially not a large breed; however, our son’s puppies before getting fixed got together and formed this adorable yet stubborn puppy. He got his name when independently both son and daughter determined he looked like Master Po from Kung Fu Panda. I really did not have any real name choices so Po it was.

Po’s daddy is a Great Pyrenees, a very large dog. Po’s mommy is a Labrador mix, mixed with what they do not know. Needless-to-say, Po has large genetics. At 14 ½ weeks Po weighed in at 35 lbs. That was a 5 lb increase in just one week and he has doubled his weighed in the month we have had him.

Our greatest problems are he chews everything. He has an abundance of toys and yet he likes the sofa ties, my pillows the oven mitts and even me. Thank goodness, so far he has not decided to chew on our shoes or anything expensive.

He also is not getting a handle of not pooping on our living room area rug or any place else he decides to squat. The peeing is not as bad; however, he has had accidents. If I take him outside regularly and tell him to go potty, he usually does, however, for example, yesterday I took him out and he peed but a few minutes later, he decided to poop on the floor. OK Po, I had you outside to do this, why didn’t you do it there. Ugh…

For now raising a new puppy is a challenge and his name is Po.

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