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Friday, July 29, 2011

Dewart Lake Orange Lily

Dewart Lake, Syracuse, IN

Dewart Lake Syracuse Indiana is where we have our summer cottage. It is a nice place to go and relax no matter what the weather is like. In the fall the island looks so pretty as the leaves change colors, but there are animals to watch no matter what the season.

Hemerocallis fulva or Ditch Lily

This orange lily is different from the tiger lily I have at the farm. It has double the petals and I am not sure of the variety. Does anyone know what kind it is?

Thanks Cheryl

Noisy chipmunk

When I was here July 4th weekend I saw and heard the chipmunks climbing up the neighbors tree. They can be quite loud. Then I saw a beautiful blue bird that came to visit and then the swans. If I would carry my camera around there would be so many pictures I could take.
Blue Birds

Swans on the lake

I love to visit the cottage at Dewart Lake.

I love watching hummingbirds


  1. Now that you mention it, I have not seen a double lily before...
    It sure is lovely, though!!

  2. I like that lily with the double petals but I don't know the name of it. In fact, I've never seen one before.

  3. I have double lily too just like yours and I've been looking at it in the Internet but couldn't find the name yet. But your being doubled has more petals and if you look at it from a bit far it's like a clustered of flowers. Just pretty!!

    Black eyed Susan

  4. I love all of these photos. Someday I hope to finally see a bluebird in something other than pictures.

    That lily is a Hemerocallis fulva, or more commonly, "ditch lily."

  5. You have a wonderful place on that lake. Lucky you. How long does this lily bloom?