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Monday, August 1, 2011

Help Sexual Trafficking Victims with Project Rescue

Attending New Song Community Church brought Project Rescue and the human/sexual trafficking issue to light for me. In 2010, we as a congregation helped raise enough money to finish building a Home of Hope through Project Rescue. In addition, we promised by December 2011 to raise $90,000 it would take to build an additional Home of Hope.
Pastor Justin Chambers has been quite transparent with us, as the money is not flowing in as he has hoped. The bad economy in Indiana is crippling many families. 

However, he never lets it stop there we by faith, know the money will be there in December to give to Project Rescue.God is using David and Beth Grant/Project Rescue to help many girls and women get out of the red-light district of India and tell them of God’s love. Giving them hope that they are not out there alone.

You can read such sad stories on either their website or in the book “Beyond the Soiled Curtain” by David and Beth Grant. Here is just one sad example in this letter from Anita, “When I was 12 years old a couple that I trusted promised me a job. They convinced me of a dream opportunity to work as a domestic helper along with the chance to pursue my studies. The idea of a secure job thrilled me, as it would any young girl in Nepal. Believing that I could trust this couple, I left my home in pursuit of a future.After drugging me, the couple took me to a movie theater where a brothel owner met us. Two hundred dollars was the price that sold me into forced prostitution. For the next 18 years I lived and worked in the red light district of Bombay. It was here in the red light district that I first heard the Gospel from those involved with Bombay Teen Challenge. My brothel owner and I had a life changing experience by accepting Jesus into our lives. After this I soon decided to return to my home in Nepal. Ten ladies, including myself, now live at the Kathmandu Home of Hope. God is continuing to work beautifully in each of our lives. I am currently attending literacy classes and sewing classes and hope to one day have a tailoring shop of my own.”

As sad as this letter is, she is not alone nor the youngest to have her body sold, with no choice, into the sexual or prostitution business. Please imagine that this may your daughter, granddaughter or sister. Does it do to you as it does to me? Does it make you get goose bumps and maybe even a little angry? Please consider helping Project Rescue in building and maintaining a Home of Hope. Let us stop the selling of these young women into the human trafficking business and out of the red-light district.

Picture is from Project Rescues website with their permission

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