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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Summer Vacation at Grandma’s House

Zeely has been aware she was spending vacation time at Grandma’s farmhouse and cottage. Wednesday July 6, 2011 we met ½-way to make the exchange and have a great Tex-Mex meal at Hacienda Restaurant. Now for a 2 ½ year old an hour and half drive to meet ½-way can be an extra long drive. She was excited and ate a bit but then was ready to head to Grandma’s farm. It’s not really a farm we only have 1.6 acres but we are surrounded by farmland that belongs to our neighbor. Now what she didn’t realize was that long ride she took earlier was only ½-way but she traveled the distance very well, she nodded off for about ½ hour of it. However, now the vacation begins. Day 1 started with swimming. It was 90 degrees so the pool felt good.
Good Pic of Z but not of me
Neighbors Silo came down today with this
I'm not afrraid

The other machine used
Zeely, Grandpa and Mac Mac
Life is Good!

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