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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Indiana is in a Frigid State

Brrrr is the feeling here in Northern Indiana. We started January 8th 2015 with -11 degrees with the promise of reaching 10 degrees, however, at 2:00 p.m. it is still actual temperature of -1 and the wind is 5 mph with gusts of 21 mph making the wind chill far below that.

Today’s Homecare client called off today as the schools were closed, therefore, she assumed too cold for me. I offered to clean tomorrow, however, the forecast is much better; therefore, I am not sure and probably will not know until tomorrow a.m. if I am to work. 


I took the opportunity to stay home and be somewhat lazy; I stayed in my pajamas, watched a movie, Television and clean a little. I did not hit the gym even though I could have as the roads are clear and I should have. I really had intended to get on the exercise bike and I still might.

I have barely peaked my nose outside today. I only opened the door enough to let my dog and out and to take a picture of the water bowl as I could not believe my eyes. It is so cold my dogs heated water bowl cannot keep up and it is even somewhat protected from the winds.

Technically winter is only a couple of weeks in, however, many such as me are longing for spring.

For all you readers in warm places the Midwest is jealous as it is frigid in the state of Indiana.

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