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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Valentine’s Day Heart Craft

Adults and kids are alike in the fact that they love Valentine’s Day. You will be able to find heart shapes from crafts to chocolate. As a child we gave valentine cards away, we even made some, however, where did you store them? Of course, a heart shaped Valentine’s Day cardholder. Hearts are fun to make and receive, so be creative, find that inner child hiding inside you, make yourself a Valentine’s Day heart craft.

Supplies needed to make a Valentine's Day Heart Craft:


  • Brown grocery bag/heavy craft paper
  • Plain paper for heart pattern
  • Black marker
  • Paper punch
  • Yarn or ribbon
  • Glue
  • Heart shapes of various sizes
  • Glitter
  • Newspaper


Instructions to make a Valentine's Day Heart Craft:

Step 1: Using a sheet of plain paper, draw a heart pattern onto it to use. Cut it out.
Step 2: Lay the heart shaped pattern onto the brown grocery bag or heavy craft paper. Trace the heart with a black marker.
Step 3: Cut though both layers of the grocery bag to get two hearts.
Step 4: Using the hole punch, punch holes through both layers in an even pattern all around the edge of the heart.
Step 5: Loop the yarn or ribbon in the holes you punched. When you have threaded the yarn all the way around; put a spot of glue on both sides to hold the ends of your yarn from pulling out.
Step 6: Either drawing your own heart shapes from red construction paper, or using a computer program make heart of different sizes. Cut out your heart shapes and glue them on the heart cardholder.
Step 7: Spread the newspaper out for the messy part. Trace the edges of the hearts with glue and sprinkle glitter on them. Shake off the excess glitter onto the newspaper. Look to see if there are any bare spots that need touched up with a little extra glue and glitter.
Step 8: Making heart shaped Valentine’s Day cardholders are fun and easy. Be creative and make one for yourself, child or grandchild. If you want extra fun, actually make a heart cardholder with your child or grandchild.

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