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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

How to Garden Strawberries: a tutorial

How to garden strawberries is not a hard task although it does take planning as typically they will not produce many berries, if any, the first year. Therefore, start your strawberry garden now.

“Not only are strawberries juicy and delicious, they also may lower blood levels of C-reactive protein (CRP), a signal of inflammation in the body. High CRP levels are associated with an increased risk of heart disease and stroke, and levels often spike when people with rheumatoid arthritis or lupus have a flare, as well,” according to arthritistoday.org

In a how to garden strawberries: a tutorial, the first place to start is deciding what variety of strawberries you want to plant in the strawberry bed. Do you want a Junebearer strawberry or an Everbearer strawberry? A June bearing strawberry is a variety that produces for a couple of weeks a year and then they are done. An Everbearer strawberry is what it says, starts producing as the Junebearer, however, they continue to produce berries and the size start out large and then have a steady crop until fall. The weather on both berries plays a big part of the sweetness and or the crop yield.

Stark Bros featured product, Eversweet™ Strawberry, according to Starkbros.com, “Perfect for patio gardens. You'll enjoy sweet treats from this everbearer the very first summer. And it keeps on producing, even when temperatures exceed 80ºF--and you can keep picking into the fall. Fruit is long, cone-shaped. Pkg. of 25 plants, $11.99 - Pkg 25”









Junebearer Varieties

  • Wendy-Zones 3-8
  • Earliglow-Zones 4-8
  • Annapolis-Zones 3-8
  • Cavendish-Zones 3-8
  • Honeoye-Zones 3-8
  • Jewel-Zones 4-8
  • Sparkle-Zones 3-8
  • Cabot-Zones 4-8

Everbearer Varieties

  • Seascape-Zones 4-8
  • Ozark Beauty-Zones 3-8
  • Ogallala-Zones 3-8
  • Fort Laramie-Zones 3-7
  • Tristar-Zones 4-8

Unlike Junebearers, Everbearer strawberries, with new plants set out it is required that you plant them 12-inches-15-inches apart, snip off all blossom clusters and cut off all runners as they form.

Depending on what the uses of the strawberries you are planting in your strawberry garden, in this how to garden strawberries: a tutorial it would be irresponsible not to mention that you need to do your homework for your region, and purpose of the strawberries. Some strawberries are for commercial use, others for jam or jellies, fresh eating freezing or canning.

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  1. Oh goody, now I have more reason to eat strawberries!