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Monday, February 15, 2016

Toddler Flower Girl Dresses

Toddler flower girl dresses can interpreted two ways, are you looking for toddler flower girl dresses for a wedding or a lovely flower print for your toddler?
If you are looking for toddler flower girl dresses for a wedding, select one for a dress maker in your area, online stores, J.C. Penny’s, Kohl’s or even Target, there is no need to spend a fortune. After you have purchased your dress and the bridesmaid dresses, you can think about the toddler flower girl dresses. You may want it patterned after the bride or you may want the flower girl to look like a miniature bridesmaid. However, you may choose to go a completely different direction using the colors of the wedding to co-ordinate the dresses. Keep in mind this will be a toddler and should not really look like a grown up. Dress her up in frills or ruffles but not a off the shoulder or strapless number, you want to protect her innocence.

Material for toddler flower girl dresses:


Toddler flower girl dresses can be made of cotton, satin, taffeta or even velvet if you are having a late fall or winter wedding. Just as the flowers for a December wedding can be unique, so can the toddler flower girl dresses. A beautiful deep red or maroon velvet dress would look lovely while she's holding onto a basket of rose petals and tossing them down the aisle. If you were already using those colors for the bridesmaid dresses at Christmas time, using an opposing color of a dark green velvet dress would look great too. If you are having a spring or summer wedding, the toddler flower girl dresses may be more of a sundress style. There are no hard rules when it comes to weddings; it is the brides’ day to do as she wishes.


The best toddler flower girl dresses for the summer, are sundresses. Toddlers are on the go and need to be comfortable. With flowered sundresses, you can change the look for the toddler by slipping on a pair of plain shorts or leggings. In the evening when the sun goes down and it might get chilly for the toddler, slip on a pair of jeans.


Toddler flower girl dresses do not need to expensive to be nice. With toddlers, think practical.

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