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Monday, October 19, 2015

Fall Break for our Grandsons

Grandson #2 and Po

Well it is fall break for our grandsons, which means while our son is at work, I get to see the boys; well at least I thought that was how it was going to go.

I arrived this morning, however, instead of leaving I told the boys they could sleep in and I would stay in town until Bible Study. Well 1 ½ -2 hours went by before the youngest emerged with tablet in hand, saying good morning and asked how long I had been here. It then took a few more minutes before grandson #2 came out to wish Po and I a good morning.

I did not see grandson #1 until I needed something in the kitchen to make breakfast and could not find it, however, they all retreated quickly to the dark bedroom. When brunch was done, they all came out and then took it back into their rooms. Seriously, what is the attraction of a dark room?
Grandson #1 in tree house

With the weekend temperatures so cold and windy and the temperature being 63 degrees today I thought they would want to be outside but I was wrong. I hope they enjoy it today as tomorrow I will pick them up, head to the gym and then to the Farm. Well it is not really a farm but we are in an old farmhouse surrounded by fields. Anyways, it is to be 72 degrees with sunshine and that will be enough for me to want to hit the outside and take in some natural vitamin D3. Besides, I do not have cable TV or a dark room for them to retreat too; therefore, I hope they are enjoying the seclusion.

With all seriousness, they have been in their room a lot but I have seen them a few minutes this afternoon to talk. Dad is on his way home so they will come out to be with him. I guess after all it is their fall break.

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