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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Bible Believing Christian and Proud of It

My favorite Bible verse Proverbs 17:17

Last night on Facebook, I was shocked at a post I saw that was criticizing Christians, the Bible and essentially God. As our pastor has taught us, our sin has separated us from God, we need mercy, and heaven forbid we all need mercy and grace as we all will not make it to Heaven, Hell is a real place.

I digressed, back to the Facebook post, it started out like this: "What bugs you about facebook? there are many things that bug me but the one thing that really bugs me is the people who make comments based on what the bible says, and then quotes scriptures."
This same person has had some major events happen in her life and not all for the good. I have seen her talk about gods, little g, not the one and only wonderful living God, although she quotes scripture.

My original comment to the post was, “I quote the Bible all the time, it is to be our source. It tells us to hide it's words in our hearts.

She did not comment on what I said, however, to the lady agreeing with this writer she posts, “lately people are commenting back to me in threads with scriptures. they cannot form their own sentence in their own words, they have to quote the bible...it is not natural...they are stepford bible pushers and well god says love your neighbor but golly these bible pushers are the first ones to throw the stone at gay marriages...I don't get it...how is that love????...I am just annoyed with it all.

By the time I found the new testament verse that answered why Christians do not agree with gay marriage there were several other comments all agreeing with her. I posted the scripture and you would have thought I had personally attacked another woman that is gay, however, I did not know this, therefore, it was no personal attack I was simply answering why as a bible believing Christian we cannot agree with it.

Now, I have family and friends that definitely believe differently than I do, however, we have agreed to disagree in love. I kind of thought it was the same this way, however, it was very obvious by the comments made it is not.

Therefore, I stepped out of the conversation, while mean and nasty comments kept rolling in. I sent a private Facebook message to the women saying in lieu of making a bad situation worse I think it is best to un-friend you, I continued to add, “I try to live my life as a Christian which means reading the Bible and attempting to live the best I can. It also means sharing the Bible. I did not say I hated gay people, as I have family that is gay. Do I have to love the sin while loving the sinner, NO! I also am NOT ashamed of being a Bible believing Christian.

With that said, have any other Bible believing Christians felt attacked lately? If so how have you handled it?

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