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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Sister Fun

Re-enactment of younger days

I am late in getting this posted, life gets somewhat busy at times and real busy this time of year with working for others as well as tending the garden and mowing the yard. I am sure your life is the same way.

On the Sister Six annual campout this year, we headed back to the KOA in Middlebury, Indiana so we could take in the sites of Shipshewana. Of course this meant seeing the little shops and going in the Amish stores. For many, the Amish stores would have been an extraordinary thing, however, I live in the heart of Amish territory, therefore, it was all common place to me.

Visited our old Christian Campground
Now for the Sisters, they all live close so seeing Amish people and stores is not an everyday occasion; however, it is far from out of the norm. Nonetheless, we loved seeing the process of cheese being made and of course, the chocolates and the oven roasted veggies.

Like an large group of girls we have our serious side, stay out of my space side and of course the silly sides. There is a 20-year age difference from eldest to youngest. Youngest, the babies of the family just turned the big 5 0. Oh my, that means since I am the middle child I will be 60-years old mid November and the eldest Sis will turn 70-years old on December 1st.

We have been camping since 1981 and finally upgraded to renting a fully loaded cabin. 

 Do you have sisters? Sisters in Christ? Try putting together an annual vacation for this many years without a hitch. At times, the dates and places can create issues with work schedules but all in all, we love each other and long for the next year, I hope you enjoy our serious side as we did a shout out to our aunts with Amazing Grace.

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