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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Mechanically Challenged: Changing a 1998 S10 Thermostat

Engine of my 1998 S10
 OK, are you like the hubby and I? Mechanically challenged, however, willing to try; as repair bills on the old trucks have become ridiculous.
Getting help from friends and family we started tracking down why the S10 we purchased in late May, has no heat or defrost. We were advised to see if the coolant was filled and it was. Then we were told and then Googled, that doing a coolant flush could clear out any built up junk and start the heat flowing. We got estimates and then decided to take it to John's Auto Spa, Nappanee, Indiana. The flush went OK, however, did not fix the problem. I thought the young mechanics sounded knowledgeable as they showed me where the inexpensive thermostat was located and how to change it. The problem was, they showed me the wrong part so we had panic set it when we took it off and hoped we had not screwed anything up. We do not need any more problems. The part you see here IS NOT the thermostat!
I was told the wrong part

Reading online how to locate the thermostat was helpful. Locate the radiator hose and follow it right to the part. On the 1998 S10 engine that seems jammed packed; it looked as if that could be trouble, however, between the two of us we managed. After we located the correct part, the darker part in the center is the thermostat, the next challenge was to find the correct tools and the proper size. Of course trying to get the tools in the tiny area allowed was not easy.

Thermostat is the darker part in pic
Again, between the two of us we managed to remove and replace everything needed to get to the thermostat. I am not saying this was easy, however the part itself was under $7.00 and we eliminated the diagnostic fee and the $90.00 an hour to replace it. After we removed the cover, I took the picture of the inside so we knew how to install the new one correctly. Sadly enough changing the thermostat on my 1998 S10 did not get me any heat or defrost, therefore, the quest to find the answer still remains. If you have any inexpensive and helpful tips, please share your idea.
The inside look of the S10 Thermostat

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