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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Birthday Family Fun

Loves her mommy!
 Missing our daughter’s 33rd birthday was something that saddened me, however, the winters in Indiana and driving 6 hours south for the first time by myself frightened me.

Oh what a surprise it was one week later when she surprised us by making her first trip north with my 4-year old grand daughter. It was not because of her birthday it was for her dad’s, which was one week later. 
Saying birthday cheers with cheese!
My son had already been invited to come for dinner for his dad’s birthday; he knew she was coming, so he popped in with the grandsons. It was a tad noisy but oh, what a great noise it was!

Grandpa, son and grandchildren

Another surprise for my nephews, we all got together for breakfast at the local restaurant the following Saturday. That was part of our kid’s plans, which we did not know about, until the girls arrived. 

Scrap wood project
While the girls spent a couple of days with us, our grand daughter wanted not only snuggle time but the crafty time her and mom do at home. She wanted to make something with wood, scrap wood would be fine, however; we had to scale down what she actually wanted to build. She had in her mind to build a tree house. We convinced her to do something smaller so grandpa and Zeely made a bookshelf.
My son and grandchildren

To end our good, quality, fun family time we met, at our son’s home, after church Sunday. We celebrated the upcoming 5th birthday of my grandson.
Our kids and 3 of the grandchildren


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