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Monday, April 6, 2015

Decorah Bald Eagle Nest: 3 Eaglets

It has been a fun adventure all week popping in on the bald eagles in Decorah, Iowa.

Last weekend when I learned about the site, there were 2 eaglets; one obviously stronger than the other one, and one un-hatched eaglet egg. Is that the politically correct thing to say? Hmmmm, not up on all my birdie talk.

While I was at work Thursday a.m., the 3rd egg hatched. I have been keeping an eye on the babies to see if they are all eating. When we learned we had a nest of bald eagles at Dewart Lake, others told us when there are multiple births one will dominate the nest. Last summer I did see 2 of the immature eagles flying about so not sure how many eggs had been laid and hatched

After Saturday night feeding time was done, shortly after dinner, the strongest peep decided he wanted to see the light of day. They are getting stronger every day.

Easter Sunday after lunch the bald eagle let the peeps hang out in the sunshine, however, it was on high alert watching whatever was in the area.

This Monday morning, mom or dad, I cannot tell the difference; eats and let the little ones hang out until covering them back up.


I do enjoy watching the bald eagle in the nest; I hope you enjoy my attempt in sharing it with you.

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