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Sunday, February 1, 2015

The Chew: Mock Velveeta Cheese Recipe

I do not always get to watch The Chew, however, I do like the ideas they come up with. While watching this The Chew episode, the talk was the shortage of Kraft’s Velveeta Cheese on the east coast. The question that I had, Carla Hall also had; why the east coast? Does that mean the rest of the states do not eat Kraft’s Velveeta Cheese?

I have to admit, I have not purchased Velveeta for years; however, at Rentown, one of the local Amish stores, we noticed they had bulk Velveeta. It was approximately a 10 lb chunk. We laughed at the thought of such a big chuck. I am thinking now, I should have bought one as it does make great Mac and Cheese.

The ingredients for making Mock Velveeta Cheese:

·       1 cup boiling water

·       6 tbsp powdered milk

·       1/4 oz powdered, unflavored gelatin

·       1 lb shredded Cheese; equal parts of Colby Jack/Cheddar/Swiss

    Instructions on making The Chews Mock Velveeta Recipe:

1.  Michael Symon took 1-cup boiled water and poured it into a blender. He then dissolved the powder milk and clear gelatin in it and whipped it up.

2.   Add the shredded cheese to the hot mix; blend it until smooth and immediately pour it in your mold.

3.   Michael discovered the crew at The Chew made a batch and allowed it to cool and it set up in the blender. Oops, even professionals have malfunctions.

I am going to try this Mock Velveeta Recipe soon as I do love homemade Macaroni and Cheese.                            

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