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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

How to Live Gluten-Free or with Celiac Disease

Crispy Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip
If you have Celiac Disease or gluten intolerance, you’ve found out how hard it is to adjust your diet. However, it is not impossible and you can eat quite well. According to Celiac Sprue Association, “people with Celiac Disease, eating certain types of protein fractions, commonly called gluten, set off an autoimmune response that causes damage to the small intestine. This, in turn, causes the small intestine to lose the ability to absorb the nutrients found in food, leading to malnutrition and a variety of other complications.” Educating yourself on foods, manufacturers and restaurants that are or serve gluten-free products is a lifelong endeavor. 

  1. Read the label of everything you plan to use to make a meal or snack. It is not only wheat, rye and barley flours you have to watch for gluten. Gluten-free foods exposed to gluten by cross-contamination whether it be in the field, or processing plant could put you at risk.

  1. Call the company and ask if their product is gluten-free. It is easy to do, most have the phone number to their company on the label. If the number is not available, you can obtain the information via the Internet.

  1. Buy a small spiral notebook. As you acquire the information, make a list of gluten-free products to make your next shopping experience easier.

  1. Dining out and eating gluten-free does not have to be given up, the awareness for gluten intolerance is getting greater all the time. Simply and politely, ask your server for a gluten-free menu. As you find restaurants with food you enjoy your dining experience becomes more enjoyable.
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