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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween: Safety First

My nephew and niece as Bi-Polarism

Whether you are an adult going to a costume party, attending Light the Night or a child going from door to door trick or treating, it's Halloween: Safety First.  As parents or grandparents it's our job and responsibility to keep our children safe!
2 of my grandsons a few years back.
Common sense should tell you to purchase flame-retardant costumes that are roomy enough to allow a child to dress warmly, however, not too big as that could cause your child to trip or brush against a lit Jack-o-lantern. Also, take into consideration the color of the costume, the lighter in color the better for the visibility of the child. If the child is wearing a mask, instead of makeup, test it out before hitting the streets so you are certain the child can see in all directions well. 
Light the Night; couple of years ago

For years and years this treats inspection has been advised:
  1. An adult should check all treats before they are eaten. Explain why this is important to children. 
  2. Only eat treats in original, unopened wrappers. Throw away candy if wrappers are faded, have holes or tears, or if the candy has been unwrapped. 
  3. Check fruit and homemade treats for punctures or contamination. Allow your child to eat such items only if from someone you know and trust. Fruit can be cut into sections to check for sharp objects. 
  4. Consider giving non-edible treats such as stickers, crayons, coins etc.
 More trick-or-treating advise:
  1. Feed children before trick-or-treating and give them some candy from home while trick- or-treating to avoid the temptation to eat from their bags.
  2. Carry a flashlight or glow sticks, wear reflective clothing or tape, and watch for cars. Try to finish before dark.
  3. An adult should accompany young children, and visits should be limited to familiar well-lit homes.
  4. Avoid barking dogs or other upset animals.

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