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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Exploring Northern-Central Kentucky

Greeted by Baby Girl
Since my husband is on vacation or shut down in the RV business we once again headed south to visit my daughter and family. My 3 1/2-year old granddaughter was counting down the days. Sis said she asked numerous times throughout the day about when we would get there. She came out greeting us with I love you grandma! Aw how it can melt a grandma's heart.

 As it was so hot, we soon decided to cool off in the kiddie pool. Trust me, it was good enough for me, I cooled off. 

Saturday morning we decided to explore KY. We headed to the Swope's Auto Museum in Elizabethtown first. It is an awesome free car museum. If you are planning a vacation this should be on your to do list. Here my husband is looking at the trunk saying his mom has one in the garage much like it. Of course baby girl had a hard time not wanting to touch all the cars however for 3 1/2-years old she did very well. 

Here she is posing with my daughter or her mom. After the museum we headed to historic Bardstown KY. We started with a picnic and proceeded to walk to see the town. We did get warm so stopped to have a cone at Baskin Robbin's. As it was warm, Z's chocolate cone did not last long. She did get quite a bit of chocolate on her face.

Trail guide in tap shoes
Let's go!
Sunday after church, lunch, nap and Nascar race we decided to check out Taylorsville lake. When Z heard we were leaving she was ready to go tap shoes and all.  With her walking stick she points out we were on the red path. Trust me, she was looking for the red to keep us on track. She had one minor incident with the tap shoes putting her on her bum but did not let it stop her. She made a wonderful trail guide.
Walked 1.5 mile red trail and picked pine cones
Monday morning as we were packing up to leave, even though baby girl was reluctant, we stopped to look at the blue Morning Glory she planted from the seeds we purchased for her last trip south. Then I noticed she had grabbed the olive can and that's what she was eating for breakfast. Grandpa was spoiling her, by purchasing them and taking them, knowing she loved them.

She tried to stow away

Well heading home is rough, however, it has to be done. I didn't shed a tear in front of her as she didn't want us to leave or she wanted to go with us, but man my heart was breaking.

Grandpa and Grandma ready to leave!

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