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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Cold Indiana Winters

Preparing for winter weather can sometimes be challenging in Indiana. Winter months can be cold or even sub zero, add in western winds and it can make it extremely hard to keep the pipes from freezing.
My advice is to stay prepared for any weather, but especially, severe winter weather.  I do not know how the winter months are in your area, however, the cold temperatures that Indiana has been having is not fun.

  • Of course, the obvious is stock up on canned goods. If you can get things that you can eat without cooking is the best.
  • Purchase cans that have either pull tops or have an old-fashioned can opener like the one I use everyday. If there is no emergency your pantry is stocked up, no harm no foul. You never know when a storm is going to hit whether it be a blizzard, ice storm, frozen water lines or just a storm that sends your electric out.

This week the temperatures in Northern Indiana have dipped below zero and our cold water line to the bathroom did lightly freeze. Therefore having plenty of bottled water on hand was necessary.

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  1. Good advise! I live in southern Oklahoma, but we have had many days of below freezing weather. Our pipes haven't frozen in several years now, I guess we got them wrapped good, finally! We bought a portable generator a couple of years ago and have had to use it twice, due to the ice storms here. I'm glad I found your blog on Red Gage. :)