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Saturday, January 30, 2016

How to Make Chicken Egg Rolls from Scratch

chicken egg rolls
I love egg rolls, I have every since I worked in our concession trailer and would be parked right next to an egg roll concession trailer.
Our daughter went to school with their daughter so I bought theirs from them by the case for a while. However, I soon learned I could save money by wrapping my own egg rolls. You can use whatever meat you prefer, however, I eat a lot chicken; therefore, I made chicken egg rolls. I will show you how you can make your own egg rolls.

Ingredients to make chicken egg rolls:

  • 1 Package egg roll wrappers
  • Shredded chicken
  • Shredded cabbage
  • 1 Egg; beaten
  • Seasoning of choice
  • Canola or Olive Oil

Instructions to make chicken egg rolls:

1.     Cook your chicken and season it to taste. After it cools, shred it up in small pieces.
2.     Shred your cabbage every fine. I often use my food processor however; you can do it with a hand grater. The pieces just need to be very fine.
3.     Take the egg roll wrappers out and let warm up a bit, so they are easier to work with.
4.     Place the egg roll wrapper on the counter top and lay it out looking like a diamond. Put some cabbage in the middle.
5.     Add some chicken to the top of your cabbage; you are going to start to fold your egg roll.
6.     Take the lower flap of wrapper and pull over the cabbage and chicken; next, take the sides and fold in.
7.     Start rolling up making it as tight as possible but making sure not to poke a hole in the wrapper.
8.     Dip your fingers into the beaten egg, put some on the wrap, and seal the egg roll.
9.     Roll up the whole package of egg roll wraps.
10.  Make sure your oil is hot before trying to fry your egg roll. The temperature of the oil should be 375-400 degrees. Carefully place the egg roll in the oil and brown first side. With the tongs, turn it over and fry the other side. You may have to hold it as it will try to roll back.
11.  Remove the chicken egg roll from the oil and put it on paper towel to allow the excessive oil to drain off.
We enjoy our chicken egg roll, made from scratch with soy sauce.

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