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Friday, January 29, 2016

Our Cold Winter Walk

A little sunshine
Oh my goodness, I just got back from a 40-minute winter walk with Po. Since he is going in for surgery tomorrow, I thought he would like it, and he did. 

Off for our walk

The sun was shining when I made my decision at the gym to use my warmed up legs for the hike; however, the sun went away and that wind was nasty making it feel so cold on my face.

Headed down the path.

Sniff sniff

Yes we were heading right into the wind and I nearly changed my mind, however, knowing it would be a couple of days before Po would want to take a walk I braved it out. It was not easy as Po stopped many times to sniff around. We have walked that path with Dad and Hope; our 10 year old Eskimo Spitz, and he would stop and look around to see if they were lagging behind.

Sun through the dark clouds.

With him stopping to sniff, it gave me time to take a few photographs, and turn my back to take a bit of the chill off my face.

Our home way back there!

My feet were OK, however, I should have double layered my legs and arms. Part of the way back to the creek, I even wondered if I shouldn't have put Po's jacket on him.


Fast forward, today is cooler, roads icy, however, the sun is shining and very little wind. I accomplished a lot while Po was at the doggy doctor, however, kept thinking how he would have enjoyed a walk again today.

We got the call from the vet, Po came through the torture, I mean surgeries, just fine. However, since he was morphined when I got the call, he was not up and moving. 

When we have to take Po back in 2 weeks for his check up, I bet it will be a battle.
Po is in pain

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