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Sunday, August 31, 2014

A Taste of the Amish Lifestyle

Our Amish host had a new experience taking our picture
If you read my Bubblews post on the “A Taste of the Amish Lifestyle” you will understand a little more. It was a great night after the rain had stopped that we had experienced all day long.

Jo is not  really driving the wagon!

Bubblews only allows one photograph, therefore, I thought I’d add a couple of more for your viewing pleasure.

Getty Up King

At one point King was not in a real hurry so our host asked us if we did 4 wheeler sounds. Apparently 4 wheelers make him move a little quicker.

Our host made us laugh making faces with her new experience with digital photography

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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Time Slipping Away

Time is slipping away, not only the summer as school once again resumes next week, but also with my family growing up so quickly.

My baby girl, my granddaughter Zeely will be in Kindergarten next week. I am watching her this last year grow up through pictures. They came up for Easter, I went down in May to attend the preschool graduation and on the 4th of July we met ½ way in Kokomo to see Dave do his first skydive. I sincerely do not know when I will see them next with the busy schedules everyone has.

Time is slipping away for me, is it for you?
The grandson's and friend watering the garden for basketball cards.

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