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Friday, March 15, 2013

My First Road Trip

Well it took a lot of thought and prayer as making a long road trip alone posed many fears for me. However, the need to see my girls out weighed my fears.

When I started early on Sunday am the weather forecast was to be foggy and 80% chance of rain. It did sprinkle for maybe 5 minutes but no fog.  The roads were dry and sunshine came out and stayed out the whole trip.

4 hours into my trip south, I stopped at the last chance rest stop before hitting the bridge between Indiana and Kentucky Bridge. 

Since I could not find any Christian music channels on the radio, I decided to make a playlist on my tablet. As I am setting there, a nice older man approached me spreading the word to other drivers that he heard on the CB that there was a delay on the bridge. 
Fear again tried to sneak in as I started to drive; however, I yelled aloud at satan and with Jesus’ help took control of my fear.

Well the delay was miles before the bridge and the traffic was backed up making my trip an hour longer. Therefore, I was so glad I took the time to make my playlist of music. No fears, great music and snacks on the seat beside me made the delay bearable. 

I made it, and the trip was worth it!

Therefore, my advice to anyone who does not like doing things alone, especially long trips, you can do it. Simply be prepared for anything.


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