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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Live Forever Plant or Sedum Purpureum

 Until today I thought the plant was called a Forever Living Plant not Live Forever, that's what my mom always called it that. I guess it's true, you are never to old to learn something new.
I do know that the Live Forever Plant comes in different shades of pinks or purple and grows very easily.
According to findmeacure.com, "Medicinal Uses: In the first century A.D., Pliny, the Roman naturalist, stated that the juice of this plant was good for treating wounds and fistulas. In more recent herbal medicine, it has been prescribed to be taken internally for the treatment of ulcers, lung disorders, and diarrhea; and externally it has been prescribed for slow healing ulcers."
I hope you find someone to get a start off of, and then next year share it with another. After all it is a Live Forever Plant.

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  1. how lovely...I have also shared sedum pics...cool

  2. what happens if u accidentialy cut off the blooms

  3. Christine I am not sure what you mean the blooms. The plant gets flowers every season and goes through the cycle of dieing off. In the spring I take off all the dead from the previous season and it continues to grow and re-bloom.