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Saturday, October 11, 2014

October at Dewart Lake

October at Dewart Lake is extremely quiet. There is very little water activity. There are a few die-hard fishermen that like to fish, and I have seen a few birds, squirrels and crazy looking frog.

However, for the most part the weekend visitors have packed it in. The neighbor to our left actually has his windows are plastic over so I doubt they will return.

With a busy crazy summer, I did not get to the cottage as much as I desired and the when I did get here, many of the days were less than desirable. In August it went to extremes of needed all the windows open and the fans on to needing the propane heater turned on, I expected that this October weekend, however, not in August and September.

This maybe my last weekend at the summer cottage for 2014, unless I sneak away one more time before winterizing it. The winters in Indiana can be rough and winter of 2013-14 was down right brutal making visits nearly impossible. In addition, many of the neighbors have called it a season and it is very quiet and almost lonely here.

This weekend, I have talked to no one, from my living room window I did see an elderly couple that live here year round, they were walking lakefront just checking things out.

It is a breezy and chilly 55 degree day but the sun is warm therefore I have tried to enjoy as much as I can. I am a sunshine girl and really not looking forward to winter.

From Dewart Lake, In Northern Indiana,  I bid you farewell.

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