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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Strange Memorial Day Weekend

While the weather went from 90 degrees the Wednesday before Memorial Day, all the way down to 39 degrees for the low, we also went from dry dry dry land to rain and more rain. Even on this Tuesday the weather a tad warmer however, the sky is dark and eerie.
I wanted to set outside and soak up some sun while reading, working, writing and relaxing. However, I did get weeds pulled and a tad bit read and some writing done it has been a hit and miss on the sunshine. 
Eagle setting in the tree.
One great thing has been the activity of the birds. The weather doesn't stop them,however, it does bring them out at different times. The swallow has loved the rain as it drives the bugs out and it can swoop down and get them.
I also have noticed the little birds picking on the big birds. The red-winged blackbird was showing the Blue Heron who was boss and a little one I could not see was on the Eagles tail.
Eagle with little bird chasing him
Blue Heron being chased!


I tried to keep count of all the different birds I spotted at I believe I am at 16 although there might  be a couple more I know has been here in the past but not sure if I saw them this weekend. I did not get pictures of all the different birds however, I tried my best.

Not sure if this is immature eagle.

Angry Bird! ^+^
I  love my Nikon Camera.


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